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About Pino Ialuna Construction

Pino Ialuna Construction is a second-generation masonry contractor committed to performing the highest quality workmanship available. For over 30 years, Pino Ialuna has earned a reputation for his attention to detail and uncompromising commitment to quality.

From brick steps to flagstone patios, to concrete walkways to stone walls, all work is done with the strongest materials available and built to stand the test of time. In virtually every community throughout the 128 belt down to the South Shore, there are beautiful stone walls, brick walkways, brick steps and all kinds of masonry marvels that look just as beautiful today as when they were first built.

Walkways – Stonewalls - Retaining Walls – Stucco – Patios
Steps – Flagstone – Marble – Tile - Waterproofing

Pino Ialuna Construction: Uncompromising commitment to quality Pino Ialuna Construction: Uncompromising commitment to quality

As a young mason apprentice, I learned early on from my father, Giuseppe Ialuna, that there was only one way to do the work. The right way — or not at all. He turned down many jobs because the homeowner was just trying to “patch it up” to sell the house. Even when the homeowner didn’t care, my father did.

Our name is our reputation and we will never cut corners or do just enough. We will never compromise on quality. We treat your home as if it is to be passed down to many more generations.

If you’re looking for the type of craftsmanship that most people only dream about and think no longer exists, give us a call. Your great-great-grandchildren will appreciate it!

Call today for a free estimate: 800-483-2064

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